Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tarot Matchmaking

It's almost Valentine's Day, and Cupid wants to come out and play. This post is inspired by a fun writing prompt shared by Cat 'n Owl.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker:

Which two tarot cards would you like to see together?
What’s their story?
How did they meet?
Are they destined for true love… or just friends?

I wanted to use my PDR deck for this exercise both because it has a beautifully romantic feel to it, and also to add variety to my daily use of this deck.

I knew right away who my bachelorette was.


She is a lovely house maiden who works quietly and diligently. She is honest and trustworthy, good and kind. She keeps to herself, enjoys simple pleasures, and is modest and humble. She thinks that no one notices her, but little does she know that there were more than half a dozen suitors lined up to be her Valentine's Day date. And as the matchmaker, it was up to me to decide who to set her up with.

There was a king, a few knights, a couple of knaves and a violinist who asked to be considered. They all made compelling arguments, but one by one they were eliminated for one reason or another. It's not that they weren't lovely, it's just that they weren't the perfect match for her. And she deserves to find true love.

In the end, the King was too pretentious. The Knights were too obsessed with the conquest and adventure, and none were a suitable match for Temperanz's demure nature. The violinist appeared romantic and sweet, but it turns out he was too self absorbed. That left us with two knaves vying for the number one spot. One offered loyalty and chivalry. He assured me he would lay down his life for her. And I was very drawn to him.

However, the other knave offered her something near and dear to her heart.

Fante di Coppa

He held a cup in his hand, presenting the one thing that she treasures. He tells me that he watches her every day. He sees the precision and care with which she pours the water into the castle's vases, never spilling a drop. His offering shows that he is the one, above all others, who knows the true Temperanz.

He stands both bold and shy in his offering, the combination which would suit Temperanz beautifully, as she is, after all, the model of this type of alchemy.

The knave's flowing ribbons and garments match the flow of his beloved's. And he offers her his cup and his love, without strings. He looks the other way, so she is free to reject him if she desires, without feeling the guilt of seeing the pain on his face. His face is in fact hidden behind the cup, so that she may make her decision fairly and honestly.

Yes, this is the one for her. It's a match made in heaven. The knave, like Temperanz, is quiet and subtle in his actions, yet they come from the heart, deep and true.

My work is done. And they lived happily ever after. Of course.

I wanted to add that after I made my selection, I lined up all the gentlemen again, with Temperanz above them, and asked each of my daughters to choose a match for the lovely maiden. I asked my girls this at separate times, so neither of them saw each other's selection., nor did they know who I had chosen. And amazingly, they both chose Fante di Coppa for her! So three out of three. These two were destined.

Thanks again to Cat 'n Owl for this fun exercise. My 6 year old daughter is now playing with another tarot deck, matching up all the couples.



Stephanie said...

Awww, I want to try this for myself!!! I love your deck :)and how you read the cards too! Have any pointers for me how to delve deeper into the cards?

Jen said...

Awe! I love what you came up with here. Those two cards are perfect for each other! :D

Kiki said...

Stephanie... There are so many things you can do. I would suggest just to start listening to what the characters have to say. Don't try to *think* about what they are saying or feeling. Just listen, and allow it to come through. Also, see what grabs your attention when you first look at a card. Whether it's a person, an animal, a tree branch, etc. What does that thing say about the question you brought to the reading? You can also do exercises where you place yourself within the cards, and experience the scene first hand. There are so many ways to interpret a card, and a lot of it has to do with letting go of what you think you're "supposed" to see, and allowing the real message to shine through.

Don't know if that helped or confused you even more. LOL Feel free to email me if you'd like. :)