Monday, February 1, 2010

Deck Affair - Month 2 Begins

I used my Tarot of the Master without fail, every day in January. Some days I would forget, and have to pop out of bed at night to do a quick shuffle and pull, and then hop back into bed. But I haven't skipped a day. However, if someone were to ask me if I had used this deck 31 times last month, I'd laugh and want to say "No way!" It doesn't feel like I've used this deck much at all, but I've typed a one-line entry in my Deck Affair journal every day, so I have proof.

I pulled two cards today.

What have I learned in the past month by using this deck every day?

IIII Coppe

I feel like I haven't learned a damn thing, to be honest. Like the lady in this card, I've got a lot going on. Pots of projects everywhere. Hands full. So my time spent with this deck has more often than not been either a last minute thing, or a super speedy draw, just to get it done. So if I have learned anything, it is that I need to set aside more time each day so that I can actually get something out of this experience. Also, I have learned that I do have it in me to remain committed to something, even when I'm not seeing benefits just yet. Gives me some food for thought regarding my eating habits and lack of exercise!

What will I learn this second month, using this deck every day?

Caval di Bastone

My first thought when I saw this card was that my deck would be traveling with me. But I'm not planning to go anywhere this month, so I don't think that's what it's about. This card, to me, is definitely about movement. So I think this means that I will begin to see progress in my relationship with this deck, provided I give it the time it deserves. Onward and upward, dear Vacchetta!

It's funny to me that I have only posted to this blog six times so far, and both of these cards have previously shown up in that time.



Anonymous said...

It's time and commitment Kiki isn't it! but I can see that you have a strong bond with the Vacchetta anyway.I love to see your daily draws with the deck and you can see a lot more in it than I can :)

aurarcana said...

I put this on your Facebook page, but figured I would comment more in depth here.

Your PDR enabled me; I bought the Tarot of the Masters AND the I Naibi di Giovanni Vacchetta by il Meneghello, which is so dreamy!

I have too many decks to work with right now, but when I get to it, I'll be using the il Maneghello to read with and the Tarot of the Masters to study if I need clarification.

Stick with it; I am curious to see where the journey takes you. The artwork is stunning, and it may be one of my ancient favorite decks to look at. I love the development in the Minors and the colors.

I'm so tempted to trim the Tarot of the Masters though!

Take care, Nicole

Helen said...

Hey Kiki I hope you don't mind and not to take away from your interpretation in anyway but just to add maybe a little, I was looking at your Caval di Bastone and he does look like he is wondering what he can now discover. I think he says that there will be advancements to be made and things to discover that were previously unknown.

This is a very nice deck.