Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How Can I Make This The Best Day Ever?

This morning I asked the cards what I could do to make this the Best Day Ever. (Which happens to be a SpongeBob song that I had in my head while shuffling...see below.) There's no one like the ever-optimistic SpongeBob to inspire happy thoughts! I guess it should come as no surprise then, that the cards I drew only featured kids. So obviously, my thought was that to make this the best day ever, I need to involve my kids. They are with me literally 24/7, but these cards are telling me that I should maybe spend some one-on-one time with each of them today (seen in both of the 2 cards... two wands, two cups).

The II Coppe looked to me like two people sitting down at a table, facing each other. It reminded me of playing cards with my son the other day at the table, just he and I. Usually we all play together (yesterday, ironically it was SpongeBob Monopoly), but sometimes it's nice to have that one-on-one interaction. So I think I'll do that today with all three of my kids.

The first card reminded me of my youngest daughter, since there's a monkey in it, and Monkey is her nickname. The I Coppa has a very relaxed, carefree feeling to it. I think I'll relax today, and be mindful not to stress about anything. Today's going to be a day of focusing solely on whatever makes me (and my kids) happy, forgetting all the rest. I think that's as good an idea as any when attempting to have the Best Day Ever!

Here's the song that inspired this fantabulous day:

SpongeBob SquarePants - The Best Day Ever


Friday, February 19, 2010

Reading: Why Do I Like Dexter So Much?

I have recently discovered the show Dexter, and am officially addicted to watching episodes of the show on Netflix. (I'm in the middle of the 3rd season, so please don't give anything away in the comments, if you're more current than me!)

I have been wondering to myself why I like the show so much, because it's far from my usual TV/movie watching preferences. I like positive entertainment. I don't like to watch sad movies, I don't like unhappy endings, and I have no interest in shows like CSI. So why has Dexter captivated me so much? I decided to ask the cards.

Of course the first thing that called out to me in this trio was the Devil. How appropriate. (And the imagery in the card is oddly eerie, since last night I watched an episode where Dexter was at the dentist, and lost a crown at a crime scene.)

What I saw here was evil in the middle of two very lovely cards. The two outer cards represent Dexter's everyday life, the part he plays in society, while the devil is tucked away inside, in the middle... the center of his soul that no one else has access to. I found it fitting that the keyword on the side of this Devil card is "Deception". Regina di Bastone, the picture of innocence, is Dexter's naive and demure girlfriend, Rita, and the lamb represents her children. The Caval di Coppa is Dexter, riding toward both his girlfriend and kids, and also toward the evil of Il Diavolo. He has attachments to both. His head is hung, as though he doesn't want to be completely seen.

According to the cards, I seem to like the fact that his life isn't so cut and dry. It shows how nothing is ever really black or white. Every episode of Dexter provides an abundant variety of marvelous shades of gray. He is good, and he is bad. He kills and he cares. He feels compelled to do the right thing in one aspect of his life, while not thinking twice about doing the wrong thing in another. He breaks the law, but lives by a law of his own. I like the idea of living a life according to one's own values, and not blindly following the laws of the land just because someone else has declared that's the way it should be. Dexter's life isn't anarchy though. He has expectations of others, and of himself.

Another thing I thought of was with the devil being hidden in the middle, I see Dexter's secret life, which I think intrigues the Scorpio in me.

I love how Dexter can kill a person with no remorse whatsoever (yes, they had it coming, but still...), and less than an hour later he's giving Rita's kids piggy back rides around the living room. And you never have a fear, not even for a second, that he would ever harm a hair on those kids' heads. You trust him implicitly with them. He has the devil within him, but it doesn't completely define him. He has boundaries that he would never cross, nor would he even be so much as tempted to cross. He remains the faithful Caval di Coppa to those who matter to him.

I am actually rooting for a serial killer (and yes, the fact that he only kills bad guys is a strong defining factor here). I laugh at his quirky expressions and humorous understated comments. I love him playing dad to Rita's kids.

Quite honestly, I find the creepiest part of the show is Harry, Dexter's foster dad. He disturbs me so much that I literally have a hard time watching the flashbacks.

Dexter really is a sublime show. If you're not already watching it, I highly recommend checking it out!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tarot Matchmaking

It's almost Valentine's Day, and Cupid wants to come out and play. This post is inspired by a fun writing prompt shared by Cat 'n Owl.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker:

Which two tarot cards would you like to see together?
What’s their story?
How did they meet?
Are they destined for true love… or just friends?

I wanted to use my PDR deck for this exercise both because it has a beautifully romantic feel to it, and also to add variety to my daily use of this deck.

I knew right away who my bachelorette was.


She is a lovely house maiden who works quietly and diligently. She is honest and trustworthy, good and kind. She keeps to herself, enjoys simple pleasures, and is modest and humble. She thinks that no one notices her, but little does she know that there were more than half a dozen suitors lined up to be her Valentine's Day date. And as the matchmaker, it was up to me to decide who to set her up with.

There was a king, a few knights, a couple of knaves and a violinist who asked to be considered. They all made compelling arguments, but one by one they were eliminated for one reason or another. It's not that they weren't lovely, it's just that they weren't the perfect match for her. And she deserves to find true love.

In the end, the King was too pretentious. The Knights were too obsessed with the conquest and adventure, and none were a suitable match for Temperanz's demure nature. The violinist appeared romantic and sweet, but it turns out he was too self absorbed. That left us with two knaves vying for the number one spot. One offered loyalty and chivalry. He assured me he would lay down his life for her. And I was very drawn to him.

However, the other knave offered her something near and dear to her heart.

Fante di Coppa

He held a cup in his hand, presenting the one thing that she treasures. He tells me that he watches her every day. He sees the precision and care with which she pours the water into the castle's vases, never spilling a drop. His offering shows that he is the one, above all others, who knows the true Temperanz.

He stands both bold and shy in his offering, the combination which would suit Temperanz beautifully, as she is, after all, the model of this type of alchemy.

The knave's flowing ribbons and garments match the flow of his beloved's. And he offers her his cup and his love, without strings. He looks the other way, so she is free to reject him if she desires, without feeling the guilt of seeing the pain on his face. His face is in fact hidden behind the cup, so that she may make her decision fairly and honestly.

Yes, this is the one for her. It's a match made in heaven. The knave, like Temperanz, is quiet and subtle in his actions, yet they come from the heart, deep and true.

My work is done. And they lived happily ever after. Of course.

I wanted to add that after I made my selection, I lined up all the gentlemen again, with Temperanz above them, and asked each of my daughters to choose a match for the lovely maiden. I asked my girls this at separate times, so neither of them saw each other's selection., nor did they know who I had chosen. And amazingly, they both chose Fante di Coppa for her! So three out of three. These two were destined.

Thanks again to Cat 'n Owl for this fun exercise. My 6 year old daughter is now playing with another tarot deck, matching up all the couples.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Deck Affair - Month 2 Begins

I used my Tarot of the Master without fail, every day in January. Some days I would forget, and have to pop out of bed at night to do a quick shuffle and pull, and then hop back into bed. But I haven't skipped a day. However, if someone were to ask me if I had used this deck 31 times last month, I'd laugh and want to say "No way!" It doesn't feel like I've used this deck much at all, but I've typed a one-line entry in my Deck Affair journal every day, so I have proof.

I pulled two cards today.

What have I learned in the past month by using this deck every day?

IIII Coppe

I feel like I haven't learned a damn thing, to be honest. Like the lady in this card, I've got a lot going on. Pots of projects everywhere. Hands full. So my time spent with this deck has more often than not been either a last minute thing, or a super speedy draw, just to get it done. So if I have learned anything, it is that I need to set aside more time each day so that I can actually get something out of this experience. Also, I have learned that I do have it in me to remain committed to something, even when I'm not seeing benefits just yet. Gives me some food for thought regarding my eating habits and lack of exercise!

What will I learn this second month, using this deck every day?

Caval di Bastone

My first thought when I saw this card was that my deck would be traveling with me. But I'm not planning to go anywhere this month, so I don't think that's what it's about. This card, to me, is definitely about movement. So I think this means that I will begin to see progress in my relationship with this deck, provided I give it the time it deserves. Onward and upward, dear Vacchetta!

It's funny to me that I have only posted to this blog six times so far, and both of these cards have previously shown up in that time.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Children's Book Submission in 2010?

I asked the cards tonight if this year would be the right time to submit one of my children's books to publishers. I have been sitting on this particular book for years now, pretty much held back only by the pressure and fear of creating a cover letter that could either make or break me.

What I saw in the VII Coppe was a drought. The fountain is spouting water into three cups at the top, but the two cups remain empty and thirsty at the bottom. This made me think that the economy being what it is right now, publishers are probably being somewhat frugal about the amount of books they are printing at this time. I don't see an abundance of opportunity at the moment.

In the Death card, I see a publisher wading through and clearing out all the crappy submissions, being more selective out of necessity. I saw myself in the ship arriving at shore. What will I bring, and how will La Morte respond to me? Will I pass the test, or will I be swept away with all the other hopefuls who just weren't good enough?

When I looked at the Death card, I also heard a voice saying, "What do you have to lose?". The skeleton is (presumably) dead... and when you're dead, you don't have anything to lose. Even if I receive nothing but rejections, I won't be any worse off than I am now, sitting on the book doing nothing with it. This book came through me in one evening, and it felt as though it wasn't even me who wrote it. It didn't come from my head, but just flowed through me. So I feel as though I owe it to wherever that inspiration came from, to at least try to share the story.

The VII Spade shows several different types of swords. This shows me that publishers have plenty of variety in the material they have to choose from. There is one sword, however, that sits in a decorative sheath. It stands out in the crowd of fellow swords, and demands attention. If I want my submission to have any chance at all, I need to find a way to make it different from anything else they have seen. It has to have that special something that sets it apart from all the others, and grab the attention of the Publishing Powers That Be.

Now just how to do that? I will likely take this reading one step further and draw a few more cards to look for some helpful clues...

It's interesting to me that I drew two Sevens here. I like the number 7, and know it to be a lucky and spiritual number. I also have a fondness for the number 13 (as I first became a mother on the 13th), which is the number of the Death card I drew. Death is also obviously a spiritual experience. Not only did my book come through me in a spiritual fashion, there is also a hint of spirituality to the book itself, but not in a direct manner. It's a story with heart, meaning and compassion, which I believe are all spiritual facets of life.

This reading has shown me that this year will be a challenging time to submit a manuscript for publication, and if I want any chance at all, I have to ensure that I am able to stand out in the crowd. I will definitely be pulling more cards to see how I might go about doing that.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Football Predictions

I thought I'd post this for fun. NFL predictions are not something I usually do, but I was jazzed about my Jets getting into the playoffs, so I spontaneously drew five cards to see how they'd do in their first game in the playoffs against the Bengals. To my dismay, I can't for the life of me remember all the cards I drew, and I can't seem to find anywhere that I might have written it down (if I do, I'll update this post). All I know is that after doing the reading, it seemed pretty clear that the Jets would beat the Bengals. And so they did.

On the day of the second Jets playoff game against the Chargers, I used this deck for my daily draw. I wasn't asking specifically about the outcome of the day's game, but I did have the game on my mind that morning, and when I saw the cards, it's the first thing I thought of, since that day I didn't have a single thing planned except watching the game.

I saw the Regina di Spada being me, victorious. And I heard the phrase "You've got it in the bag", meaning that success is a sure thing. The IIII Spade told me that I can sit back and relax, since the game will turn out in my favor. And the Sole card further emphasized the joy and celebration that would come when the Jets beat the Chargers. Sure enough, that's how it happened, and the Jets moved on to the last playoff game, for the Super Bowl AFC title.

I have not yet drawn cards for the Jets/Colts game. I'm not too sure I want to know just yet! I had a dream a few days before the playoffs that the Jets would beat the Bengals, but lose against the Colts. I sometimes have psychic dreams, and this is one I'm really hoping doesn't come true!

(My apologies to Bengals and Chargers fans.)


Thursday, January 14, 2010

F-E-A-R Spread

I created a new spread, designed to expose and strip away one's fears. I used the acronym FEAR and its popular correspondence: False Evidence Appearing Real.

F-E-A-R Spread

1. False: A fear that you have which is false or unfounded.
2. Evidence: The proof you have that this fear is false.
3. Appearing: Why it appears otherwise (why this fear appears real to you).
4. Real: What is the real truth of the matter.

Here's the reading I did for myself today:

1. False: A fear that I have which is false or unfounded.

Caval di Bastone

It's amazing that this card came up, because it illustrates one of my largest and most consuming fears at the moment. Most specifically, this is the card that represents my desire to move out of state. I have, indeed, a strong fear, or series of fears, attached to this desire. I fear that I won't ever be able to make this move. Or that it won't it won't happen fast enough. Or that there are too many surrounding circumstances that need to change before it can happen. Or that I will never have enough money put together. Because it is something I want so much, my fears that it might not happen seem to reproduce and multiply like rabbits!

2. Evidence: The proof I have that this fear is false.

V Denari

This angel is holding a board displaying money growing on vines. The board is so big that it covers most of his body. His difficulty or problem appears to be that he has more money than he can handle, which seems a nice problem to have. So the proof that I have that my fears aren't based on reality is that there is always enough money circulating in this universe. I just haven't aligned properly with that vibration. The coins are growing on vines, so there is always potential for financial growth. People move every day. I, myself, have made countless moves from one state to another. This is not an impossibility. I have faced this challenge in the past before with ease. So clearly, it is something that I can do again. I also see in this card someone carrying a large, heavy box (one of the less joyful aspects of moving.)

3. Appearing: Why it appears otherwise (why this fear appears real to me).

III Denari

It's funny that this card showed up under "Appearing" because whenever I see this card, my first thought is "appearance". The keyword is "depiction", and I see items set up in and against the tree as props, set there as some sort of display. My fears appear real to me, because I have set things up to look as though this is the truth. I look around at my reality as though it is set in stone, rather than looking at potential and possibilities. This is something I struggle with, and am actively trying to overcome this year. I need to realize that what I observe is not indicative of where I am headed, provided I change my perspective and expectations.

4. Real: What is real. The truth of the matter.

I Spada

Another synchronous positioning, as I often see the Ace of Swords as a "truth". The wreath is a symbol of victory. This card is titled "conquest". The truth is, I can do whatever I set my mind to (and my heart on). Deep down, I know this. But for some reason, I have been choosing to focus on the opposite. I have been humoring my weaknesses rather than my strengths, allowing doubt to creep in and stomp on my confidence. But the reality depicted by this card is that I've got this in the bag! I just need to change my perspective on the whole thing. The sword is a symbol of power... however, it won't unsheathe itself. Its power lies in the hand that hold it, which means that this comes solely from within me, unrelated to outer circumstances. I must regain my confidence and knowledge that I can and will succeed.