Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How Can I Make This The Best Day Ever?

This morning I asked the cards what I could do to make this the Best Day Ever. (Which happens to be a SpongeBob song that I had in my head while shuffling...see below.) There's no one like the ever-optimistic SpongeBob to inspire happy thoughts! I guess it should come as no surprise then, that the cards I drew only featured kids. So obviously, my thought was that to make this the best day ever, I need to involve my kids. They are with me literally 24/7, but these cards are telling me that I should maybe spend some one-on-one time with each of them today (seen in both of the 2 cards... two wands, two cups).

The II Coppe looked to me like two people sitting down at a table, facing each other. It reminded me of playing cards with my son the other day at the table, just he and I. Usually we all play together (yesterday, ironically it was SpongeBob Monopoly), but sometimes it's nice to have that one-on-one interaction. So I think I'll do that today with all three of my kids.

The first card reminded me of my youngest daughter, since there's a monkey in it, and Monkey is her nickname. The I Coppa has a very relaxed, carefree feeling to it. I think I'll relax today, and be mindful not to stress about anything. Today's going to be a day of focusing solely on whatever makes me (and my kids) happy, forgetting all the rest. I think that's as good an idea as any when attempting to have the Best Day Ever!

Here's the song that inspired this fantabulous day:

SpongeBob SquarePants - The Best Day Ever



Anonymous said...

This is a great reading. The best reading ever! Ok, well I mean, it's very carefree and spring-esque, which makes me think of how nice the weather has been getting.

It's very warm this week and that always makes me feel better, no matter how stressed I am.

I just saw one of my friends on Facebook who said that she felt giddy and had no idea why.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I feel giddy--but compared to yesterday I feel decent.

Hoping you have a relaxing a fun family day.

Leigh/BlueDragonfly said...

I hope you had the wonderful day with your kids that the cards advised!

:) Leigh

Kiki said...

Thanks Celeste & Leigh! I did have a fabulous day! :)