Thursday, January 14, 2010

F-E-A-R Spread

I created a new spread, designed to expose and strip away one's fears. I used the acronym FEAR and its popular correspondence: False Evidence Appearing Real.

F-E-A-R Spread

1. False: A fear that you have which is false or unfounded.
2. Evidence: The proof you have that this fear is false.
3. Appearing: Why it appears otherwise (why this fear appears real to you).
4. Real: What is the real truth of the matter.

Here's the reading I did for myself today:

1. False: A fear that I have which is false or unfounded.

Caval di Bastone

It's amazing that this card came up, because it illustrates one of my largest and most consuming fears at the moment. Most specifically, this is the card that represents my desire to move out of state. I have, indeed, a strong fear, or series of fears, attached to this desire. I fear that I won't ever be able to make this move. Or that it won't it won't happen fast enough. Or that there are too many surrounding circumstances that need to change before it can happen. Or that I will never have enough money put together. Because it is something I want so much, my fears that it might not happen seem to reproduce and multiply like rabbits!

2. Evidence: The proof I have that this fear is false.

V Denari

This angel is holding a board displaying money growing on vines. The board is so big that it covers most of his body. His difficulty or problem appears to be that he has more money than he can handle, which seems a nice problem to have. So the proof that I have that my fears aren't based on reality is that there is always enough money circulating in this universe. I just haven't aligned properly with that vibration. The coins are growing on vines, so there is always potential for financial growth. People move every day. I, myself, have made countless moves from one state to another. This is not an impossibility. I have faced this challenge in the past before with ease. So clearly, it is something that I can do again. I also see in this card someone carrying a large, heavy box (one of the less joyful aspects of moving.)

3. Appearing: Why it appears otherwise (why this fear appears real to me).

III Denari

It's funny that this card showed up under "Appearing" because whenever I see this card, my first thought is "appearance". The keyword is "depiction", and I see items set up in and against the tree as props, set there as some sort of display. My fears appear real to me, because I have set things up to look as though this is the truth. I look around at my reality as though it is set in stone, rather than looking at potential and possibilities. This is something I struggle with, and am actively trying to overcome this year. I need to realize that what I observe is not indicative of where I am headed, provided I change my perspective and expectations.

4. Real: What is real. The truth of the matter.

I Spada

Another synchronous positioning, as I often see the Ace of Swords as a "truth". The wreath is a symbol of victory. This card is titled "conquest". The truth is, I can do whatever I set my mind to (and my heart on). Deep down, I know this. But for some reason, I have been choosing to focus on the opposite. I have been humoring my weaknesses rather than my strengths, allowing doubt to creep in and stomp on my confidence. But the reality depicted by this card is that I've got this in the bag! I just need to change my perspective on the whole thing. The sword is a symbol of power... however, it won't unsheathe itself. Its power lies in the hand that hold it, which means that this comes solely from within me, unrelated to outer circumstances. I must regain my confidence and knowledge that I can and will succeed.



Kafka's Ghost said...

I love this spread, Kiki! And the deck you used.
It reads very clear and the positions in the spread are so articulate.
I love spreads that say a lot and have large impact with few cards.
Thank you for sharing!

Kiki said...

Thanks KG!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the way the V Denari is depicted here and your noticing that there is always enough circulating. This is one of those observations that completely changes the way you look at the "standard" meaning of a certain card!

Anonymous said...

It really is one of your best spreads, Kiki! The one I did yesterday with this spread was indeed very telling.

I did it again today just to see what it would say and I got:

False fear=7 of Wands
Evidence that it's false=7 of Coins
Appearing=Six of Swords
Real=The Hermit

Laugh...strange. I will analyze it later. I am TIRED today.

Anonymous said...

Kiki, this is so timely for me! I'll be using this spread when I work with my PDR deck today. Thank you for sharing it!


Kiki said...

Thanks Celeste!

Great, Trenda! I hope it proves to be helpful to you!

Kismet said...

I enjoyed this spread so much that I used it for my divination journal blog (w/attribution of course!) It produced many more insights than I expected. Thanks!

Kiki said...

Wonderful, Kismet! I'm so glad you received helpful insight with the spread! :) Thanks for respectfully crediting the spread to me on your blog.

Flavio said...

Lovely spread, very creative use of the acronym, thank you very much for sharing it!

Flavio said...

Me again (a few month later anyway). Just to let you know that my "evil twin" just blogged a reading using this spread, the result was amazing!

"He" used it to answer a question from a mother who received some sort of telepathy message from a mental handicaped daugther who is unable to talk.

The blog is written in spanish but you're most welcome to see the post, please notice my "evil twin" lives in the politically INcorrect side of the life.

Click here to see automatic translation

Kiki said...

I'm so pleased that you (and your evil twin) are continuing to use and enjoy this spread, Flavio. ;) Thank you for sharing!!